Good Design Thursdays - Entry #69

Two new works by Banksy appeared in Venice recently, coinciding with this year's Biennial Art Exhibition. One addressing the refugee crisis, with an image of a young migrant girl wearing a life vest and holding a flare. The other addressed the toll the tourism industry, in this case specifically massive cruise ships, is having on the ecosystem and eroding infrastructure of the city itself. His statement with this second one is amplified a bit considering that a week or two later a runaway cruise ship crashed into a Venice dock.

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 4.00.12 PM.png

Good design Thursdays - Entry #68

The Venice Biennale Art Exhibition is currently underway, running this year from May to November. One of the largest art exhibitions in the world, the pieces on display are spread throughout the city and features every type of art - painting, photography, sculpture, installations, video... you name it, it's there. The title for this year's exhibition is "May You Live In Interesting Times", which couldn't be more appropriate.


Good Design Thursdays - Entry #67

I love interesting architecture and train stations offer some of the best. Here is a really nice article that showcases some of the nicest and oldest stations around the country, including Baltimore's Penn Station (pictured here)...


Good Design Thursdays - Entry #65

Bill Sienkiewicz is one of my favorite artists. Something I was not aware of, which he recently posted to his Twitter and Facebook feeds, is that he worked with legendary designer and artist Bill Gold on the design for the one-sheet for Unforgiven. Sienkiewicz posted these four comps he submitted for the poster's design. The comp chosen was then used for the layout of the photography for the final poster. It’s a shame the studio didn’t just use the illustration.


Good Design Thursdays - Entry #64

I’m a few days late getting this week’s entry up. Last week I looked to the past with the historic entrance sign for the Paris Metro. This week will be a kind of companion piece about a current project running in the London Underground. For the Underground’s 150th anniversary, artist Mark Wallinger was commissioned to create an art series. Inspired by the 2009 Tube Challenge, he created 270 unique labyrinths, one for each station in the London Underground and are on permanent display for travelers to view.


Good Design Thursdays - Entry #63

This is a really nice recent article about the origin and history of the entrance signs for the Paris Metro. The design styles used span three major art movements, based on time period when the signs were installed - Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Minimalism. Many of the original signs still exist and are now protected historic sites.


Good Design Thursdays - Entry #59

As the saying goes...imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The more famous and well-known something is, the more likely it is it will be imitated, either consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes the connection is obvious and sometimes not so much. The connection between the Deadpool poster and the Norman Rockwell painting is clearly obvious. The connection between the Toys poster and Magritte's "Bowler Man" painting is not as obvious, but is still implied. Least obvious is the connection between the last two images, however the design of Paul Ballard's Star Wars print is very reminiscent of the style of painting Gustav Klimt used for his images.


Good Design Thursdays - Entry #56

Occasionally the design for a poster has to be changed, even after the marketing material has been printed and shipped to theatres, resulting in the studios issuing a recall and informing theatres to stop displaying the images. There can be any number of reasons, sometimes it’s an internal creative change of direction and sometimes it’s due to external demands. Here are three of the more notable one-sheets that have been recalled over the years. Only months before Revenge of the Jedi was due to hit theaters, George Lucas decided to change the title of the film, resulting in a recall of the first one-sheet issued. In the case of Pulp Fiction, the studio did not get permission to use Lucky Strikes cigarettes or the cover of the book used in this first version of the one-sheet. This led to a quick recall. The studio simply photoshopped over the cigarette pack and book cover and re-issued the poster. This one-sheet for the first Spiderman movie features a bold design, with the twin towers of New York’s World Trade Center reflecting in the lens of Spiderman’s mask. Unfortunately, the poster was issued less than a month before the events of September 11, 2001. The studio took the appropriate action of recalling the poster and issuing one with a different image.


Good Design Thursdays - Entry #53

So apparently NASA produces a poster for each space mission. Many of them are parodies of existing movies, posters or film franchises and, just as the attached article says, they are "hilariously awkward." As bad as the majority of them are, there are a few that I actually like quite a bit and have included them here. If you want to check them all out, here is a link...


Good Design Thursdays - Entry #51

The U.S. Postal Service has a long history of issuing commemorative stamps. The subjects featured on the images encompass nearly everything or everyone you could think of - historical figures and events, animals, plant, music, sports and pop culture. While many sheets simple feature the stamps themselves, some also expand the presentation with artistic borders, or even allow the art of the stamps and borders to overlap. Here are a few of my favorite stamp sets from pop culture.


Good Design Thursdays - Entry #50

Large neon and light-up signs can make a powerful statement. Many are iconic and instantly identifiable with the neighborhood or city where they are located. While the industrial look and feel of the structure and design can be appreciated even during the day, it's when the sun sets and the signs come to life that shows just how impressive the designs are, especially those that can be seen from a distance.