Good Design Thursdays - Entry #7

Last week we looked to the future with NASA's travel posters, this week we look to the past and there are few travel poster campaigns more memorable than the one produced by Pan American Airlines.  Pan Am was founded in 1927 with one route between Key West and Havana and eventually grew to one of the largest airlines in the world, before a variety of circumstances led to their demise in the early 1990's. There were posters advertising flights to just about every city, country and continent. Utilizing bright colors and bold graphics, most of them, such as the Cuba and Far East posters, featured an illustration showcasing the landscape or culture of the destination.  A few tried something different - this poster for Europe used postage stamps to represent each country, while the poster for Bermuda is a three-dimensional representation of the island made out of paper, which was then photographed against a blue background.