Good Design Thursdays - Entry #16

The illusion of movement can be a powerful element in any design. It can add an extra level of emotion, making an image more dynamic and, in the end, it simply feels natural. We live in a world where everything moves, so when we look at a static image that includes the appearance of something moving, our brain fills in the blanks and completes the act.  I've selected three one-sheets that are all outstanding examples of using the illusion of movement in their designs. The advance one-sheet for Batman Returns, from 1992, has snow blowing across Batman's logo. This also ties into the movie as the story takes place during the winter season. The one-sheet for Seabiscuit, from 2003, has the title character galloping towards us at full speed, dirt flying in the air as he races around a track. The advance one-sheet for Fast Five, from 2011, shows the two main characters whipping by at top speed, moving so fast they are almost a blur. In the background we get a glimpse of the tropical setting of the story.