Good Design Thursdays - Entry #19

In honor of the 4th of July, I'm posting this week's entry a day early. This week we are celebrating the day our country declared its independence. This year the 4th also falls on a Wednesday, which is the day new comic books are released each week.  Marvel Comics is taking advantage of this timely coincidence to release the first issue of a new Captain America comic book.  In the world of comic books, there is nothing more patriotic than Captain America.  As is the trend nowadays, there are a multitude of variant covers, each by a different artist, for this first issue. Before we get to the new covers, let's look at the covers for the two most important comics from the past to feature Cap. First is the cover  to the comic that introduced him to the world. First published in 1941, with art by Jack Kirby, Captain America Comics #1 features the iconic image of Cap punching Hitler. The second cover is from the comic that re-introduced Cap to the comics world in 1963, Avengers #4, also with art by Jack Kirby.  For the new series launching this week, there are over twenty different covers and I've selected a few that I feel stand out from the pack.  First is one by Adam Hughes, featuring Cap in a dynamic pose with his shield in one hand and the American flag swirling around him in the other. Next we have a very minimalist approach by David Mack featuring Cap standing at attention beside the reflecting pool in Washington D.C..  The next cover, by Frank Miller, takes the iconic image of Cap with the American flag and adds an American Bald Eagle. I also like the negative space created by the stars around the bottom half of the image.  Lastly, we have the cover by Alex Ross, who takes his setting back to World War II.  Here we have a larger than life Cap, leading the troops to victory.