Good Design Thursdays - Entry #29

This week I'm showcasing a few logos that I really like. The first is from this year's Oscars. This year was the 90th presentation of the award and the designer came up with a simple and awesome way to link the text. The icon of the statue also fits nicely inside the "A". Next is the logo for a James Bond comic book series from a few years back. Designed by Rain Hughes, the text overlaps and links together in a very natural way that leads your eye through the design. Last is the logo for Escape Velocity, the annual convention organized by the Museum of Science Fiction. The designer found a creative way to link the words by using the mirror image in the shapes of the "A" and "V". The varying weight of the font from heavy to thin is a subtle play on the name of the convention, since an object appears smaller as it moves farther away.