Good Design Thursday - Entry #5

Yay baseball!  Opening Day is here!  What better way to celebrate the start of a new baseball season than by looking at some great movie posters.  First up is the one-sheet for the original "Bad News Bear" from 1976. Illustrator Jack Davis created a design with exaggerated caricatures of the actors, reminiscent of a MAD magazine cover, perfectly playing up the irreverent comic theme of the movie.  Next up is the one-sheet for "For Love of the Game" from 1999.  The muted colors and out of focus background add a sense of looking at an old baseball card. Last up is the one-sheet for "42" from 2013.  This design has got so much raw energy, movement and passion, you can actually feel Chadwick Boseman's Jackie Robinson sliding out of the poster. 


Good Design Thursday - Entry #3

With St. Patty's Day this weekend, let's look at some beer posters. Walk into any bar, anywhere, and you're likely to encounter a poster or sign advertising some kind of alcoholic beverage. There have been posters advertising beer pretty much since that first keg was produced many years ago. If your town has a well-known local brew, like Natty Boh here in Baltimore, chances are there will be a sign for it on the wall. There will probably also be a sign for something known everywhere and nothing has a more catchy ad campaign than Guinness. When it comes to advertising beer, there are two traits that are common among almost every design...bright colors and happy, smiling faces.