Good Design Thursdays - Entry #10

The vast majority of films that are released have one, or possibly two, posters issued as part of their marketing campaign. There has been a growing trend over recent years for many of the more high-profile releases to now have mini posters as well. Occasionally they will feature the same image used on the one-sheets, but more often they will feature original illustrations or paintings, that capture specific moments or scenes from the movie. It's for this reason that I am a big fan of many of these, as the artists commissioned to create the images for the mini posters are generally allowed more freedom with their interpretations than what is found on the one-sheets. As opposed to one-sheets, there is no standard size for these, though they are usually in the 11"x17" to 13"x20" range. These mini posters are given away free at theaters, usually to ticket-holders seeing the movie opening night or weekend, or through the mail as an incentive for purchasing tickets online. It started with theaters giving away just one mini poster for a film, but now films, like the new Star Wars releases, have a new mini poster each week for the first four weeks, encouraging fans to come back for multiple viewings. Added to that, each theater chain, online ticket seller and film projection format now have their own mini poster as well. Below are the mini posters for the Justice League movie from Fandango, Regal Theaters, IMAX and Dolby. 

ready_player one.jpg