Good Design Thursdays - Entry #11

his week let's look at something everyone sees on a regular basis, but not many people actually give much thought to - wine labels. For a designer, walking into a liquor store can be like walking into an art gallery. Wine labels offer some of the most diverse and original designs, as they each try to set themselves apart from everyone else. Many now go beyond the traditional, and almost standard, script font and explore a variety of design choices. Some still lean more towards typography, but instead go in bold and abstract directions. Some use illustrations and paintings, whether it's original art or copies of famous works. Some use a combination of typography and art. Labels are also working with well-known contemporary artists, R Wines in Australia commissioned artist James Jean to create a series a labels for one of their wines. His final design was this fantasy-inspired triptych. Many designs don’t stop at just the label, as the packaging created to hold multiple bottles can be just as intricate and interesting as the bottles themselves.