Good Design Thursdays - Entry #12

The Preakness is this weekend. Let's celebrate horse racing's Triple Crown by looking at some of the logo's that have been used for each of the races and associated events. First we have this design from the Kentucky Derby. I really like the stylized horse together with the steeples from the roof of the grandstand at Churchill Downs. It also includes a rose inside a horseshoe, which is a recurring element in nearly every Derby logo. Next we have two logo's from the Preakness. I like how both create an illusion of movement, but in completely different ways. It's also nice that every logo for the Preakness utilizes the colors from the Maryland state flag. After the Preakness comes a design from the Belmont Stakes. Another nice design that gives the impression the horses are coming right at you, it also includes the New York skyline underneath. There are also longstanding traditions associated with each race, namely, flowers and ladies wearing big hats. Roses are associated with the Derby, Black-Eyed Susans with the Preakness and both races have special events in addition to the races. Both of these designs utilize stylized hats with large flowing brims and the flower associated with that race. The last design I included is for the Infield Festival at the Preakness, which is basically one giant party in the middle of the track, featuring live music, food and beverages. This is a nice dynamic design, featuring a stylized racetrack surrounding the text and image elements.