Good Design Thursdays - Entry #13

In the immortal words of Ricky-Bobby, “I like to go fast!” This weekend are two of the biggest events in automobile racing - the Indianapolis 500 and the Monaco Grand Prix - so let’s take a look at some really nice racing posters from the past and present. First up are two posters from the Indy 500, one from 1909 and one from 2017. Next is the poster from the 1965 Monaco Grand Prix. After that we have the official poster from the 2012 Baltimore Grand Prix, by Randy Owens. Last is the poster for this year's Melbourne Grand Prix, illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz, which I included simply because it's awesome and I'm a fan of Bill's work. All of these posters do a fantastic job of conveying speed and movement to create a mood of excitement, which is the point, since no one wants to see a slow car race.  The Monaco, Baltimore and Melbourne posters also include local landmarks and views of the cities that add a personalized flair to each.