Good Design Thursdays - Entry #14

Summer doesn't officially arrive for a few more weeks, but tomorrow is June  1st and that means summer to me. Let's look at a some awesome poster designs from a few summer themed movies. First up is the poster for the movie that scared everyone out of the water. Illustrated by Roger Kastel, the one-sheet for Jaws, from 1975, boils down the story to one simple, effective and terrifying image.  At the other end of the summertime spectrum is the one-sheet for American Graffiti, from 1973. Illustrated by Mort Drucker, it features caricatures of the actors centered between memorable moments from the film. The title has been done in the style of a neon sign from a drive-in diner. At first glance the image appears crowded and busy, but the three sets of musical notes are subtle cues that draw your eyes around the image in a clockwise direction, allowing you to take in each part of the image. The white space and blue border also nicely contain the image and keeps your gaze from wandering off the poster.  Last up is the one-sheet for The Endless Summer II, from 1994.  A documentary that follows two surfers as they follow the sun and surf around the world, searching for the perfect wave. With a color scheme limited to the warmest end of the spectrum, you can almost feel the heat from the sun in the image.  A great design that captures the spirit and tone of the film in a single, simple image.