Good Design Thursdays - Entry #21

Tomorrow is the anniversary of Apollo 11, more specifically the Eagle lunar module, landing on the Moon.  In honor of this landmark event of human history, let's look at some nice one-sheets from movies that took us to the Moon.  First is one of the one-sheet's from The Right Stuff, from 1984, which told the story of America's spaceflight program. The astronauts in their spacesuits, with a red, white and blue color scheme behind them is all that is needed.  Next is a one-sheet for the movie First Man, coming out this summer, it's a retelling the Apollo 11 mission from the point of view of Neil Armstrong.  I really like the mostly monochromatic design, with the only color coming from the engines after the rocket has disappeared into the clouds.  I've also included here a few one-sheets I really like from movies where the Moon plays an internal part of the story.  The first one is 2001: A Space Odyssey and while it is not the first movie to travel to the moon it is definitely the most famous.  Robert McCall's illustration of a spacecraft leaving a space station high above earth, with the moon in the distance is one of the most recognizable posters. Next is a one-sheet from the 2009 movie Moon.  The optical illusion created by the circles plays up the psychological drama of the story.  I also like the artistic, non-traditional style of the credits at the bottom. Last is the teaser one-sheet from Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  Love or hate the movie, this is a great poster.  The lunar landscape inside the Decepticon logo, with the stars shooting out around it makes for a super cool image.