Good Design Thursdays - Entry #22

Last week was San Diego Comic-Con and in addition to all of the news, celebrity appearances and merchandise, the studios and publishers also flood the convention with promotional freebies to generate interest in their upcoming releases. One of the most common items given out to attendees are promotional posters of varying sizes. Here are a few that I feel stand out from the pack this year. First is a poster for the sequel to the recent Godzilla movie. Like something out of Dante's Inferno, we are given just a glimpse of several of the monsters as they clash in the smoke and haze. Epic is the first word that comes to mind when I look at this. Next is a painting by Bill Sienkiewicz for the upcoming chapter in the Halloween movie saga. The specks of red splashed in front of Michael Myers is a nice subtle touch to an otherwise simple, yet frightening image. Next is a nice promo image for the Bumblebee solo movie this Christmas. A simple color scheme with an almost hand-drawn look to it, it's impossible to not look into his eyes. Last is a promo poster for the sequel to Fantastic Beasts. Slightly more conventional, in that it uses photos of the actors, I really like the overall Art Deco design and layout.