Good Design Thursdays - Entry #23

The concept of the Triptych in art has been around for centuries, but it only found its way into the world of movie posters a few decades ago. Since then it has been used quite a few times.  The idea is simple - one image split into three equal sections, each one telling a part of a larger story. Here are a few of my favorites.  First, from 1997, the Star Wars Trilogy Special Editions, illustrated by Drew Struzan.  Everything radiates out from the center, with each section focusing on specific characters with their own highlight  color. Next is Cars 2 from 2011.  This installment takes the characters around the world and each section highlights the different international settings from the film.  After that is Tron Legacy, also from 2011. The main center image is reminiscent of the poster for the first film, with both of Jeff Bridges characters on each side.  The last two are Alice in Wonderland from 2010 and Oz, the Great and Powerful from 2013.  Both of these triptychs demonstrate a different way to  be able to feature all of the characters, without squeezing them all onto one poster.