Good Design Thursdays - Entry #24

Teaser posters for movies are supposed to do just that, give the audience a minimal amount of image, a recognizable name, or even just a title, along with a tagline line...just enough to catch the viewer attention and pique their curiosity.  Here are a few of my favorites. First, from 1982, is this gorgeous illustration by John Alvin of the spaceship peaking through the clouds. Next is Dune, by Tom Jung, from 1984. The double moons, over the desert landscape, together with the tagline hint at the epic story being told.  Last is Dances with Wolves, from 1990.  It omits the name of the film, relying instead on the star power of Kevin Costner's name and an image of buffalo stampeding through the mist and fog, with a tagline that gives a glimpse into his character's journey.