Good Design Thursdays - Entry #25

Frank Cho has built a reputation over the last several decades as one of the top writers and illustrators in the world of comic books. He began with his own independently produced titles and is now sought out by many publishers to provide the cover art for their books. It is two of his most recent covers that I am spotlighting here. Over the last several months he provided variant covers for Batman #48 and Harley Quinn #47, using the same technique for both. In each instance all shading and sense of depth was accomplished via incredibly detailed and intricate line work of varying direction, weight and closeness. If you look closely, there are no areas of pure black.  The Batman cover is suitably Gothic in nature, which is appropriate for the character, yet Cho adds a sense of playfulness with the inclusion of Catwoman and her feline friends.  The Harley Quinn cover shows off her carefree personality.  Also, where the Batman cover stays strictly black and white, this one adds a dash of color to the ponytails in her trademark multi-colored hair.